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Mothers Have a Lot to Celebrate

As Women Hit the Halfway Mark Ontario, CA, May 4, 2010 – The December 30, 2009 edition of The Economist states, “…within the next few months women will cross the 50% threshold and become the majority of the American workforce.” It is true that women take on just about every occupation there is these days. You see them in the news as heads of large companies, they are in all four branches of the armed forces and many hold public offices. Unbelievably, they still find time to take terrific care of their families, says Frank N. Darras, the nation’s top insurance lawyer.

“Women have a lot more at stake these days so protecting their financial security and that of their families has become even more imperative,” say Darras. “One quarter of all new, small businesses are owned by women. If something happens to a female owner, the entire business could be ruined and their family’s financial future lost.”

With so much riding on the shoulders of our nation’s women, insurance is a necessity they can’t ignore. Unfortunately, insurance often gets pushed to the back burner. Women need to protect their income streams and make sure that if life hands them lemons, they will be able to make lemonade and not see the fruits of their hard work go sour, says Darras.

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No matter what gender you are or what your marital situation, if your income makes up a substantial part of your family’s budget, you should protect yourself against the financial consequences of death, illness or disability. Whether you are a single parent or part of a two-person income team, your income is vital to the health and well being of others besides yourself.

“Life is busy for all of us, but there is help for women who don’t think they have the time to research all the ins and outs of different types of policies,” says Darras. “Find an insurance agent or a financial advisor you can trust and get started today.”

Primary considerations for women should be life insurance and disability insurance along with some form of retirement plan. If you are a woman and you own your own company, perhaps you should look at keyman insurance for your top-level employees — especially if you have people who are indispensable to you.

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