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Nationwide Audio Call Will Be Held for Multi-State Affected UnumProvident Policyholders Today

Due To The Overwhelming Number Of Email Questions Received, Frank Darras Will Conduct A Teleconference At 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Frank Darras, the nation’s leading disability litigator will conduct an audio call today and answer email questions he has received about the UnumProvident (NYSE: UNM), Unum Life Insurance Co. of America, Paul Revere Life Insurance Co., Unum National Insurance Co., and Provident Life and Accident Insurance Co., Multi-State Settlement Agreement.

At 3:00 EST today, callers are encouraged to call in and listen to Frank Darras address a series of questions that UnumProvident policyholders have asked regarding the Multi-State Settlement Agreement.

The number to call is 877-471-6581, simply follow the instructions and enter the access code 448587. If you are calling from overseas, the number is 402-970-2661 (not toll free). After you sign on to the call, there will be about a four minute delay and the call will begin.
“There are 215,000 UnumProvident claimants to be included in the reopening and reassessing previously denied claims,” says Darras. “I expected an avalanche of questions, but I am still surprised with the repetition of so many questions and that the number of email questions has been so staggering. What this tells me is that people need help on what they should do and how they go about seizing this claim opportunity.”

“In order to better serve those truly disabled, I believe that hosting a call that provides clear answers will be a better forum to communicate; especially since so many questions were asked over and over. We will give hard answers directly to as many of the 215,000 disabled claimants as possible and provide comprehensive claim information so they have access to this final opportunity UnumProvident is offering and get what they rightfully deserve. Also, any caller may get a transcript, or call back in, toll-free and listen to the recorded conference call as many times as they need to and anyone who misses today’s live call still can access the original conference call.”

If you have additional questions about your claim, you can email Frank Darras directly at answers@DarrasLaw.com. Please put your name, phone number and year of your claim in the Subject line. Here is an example: Subject: John Doe, 972-555-1212, 1997. Information is on the web site www.DarrasLaw.com and transcripts will be available in 48 hours. If you would like a transcript of the call, email us at transcripts@DarrasLaw.com and we will send it to you immediately.

About Frank Darras
Frank N. Darras is America’s leading plaintiffs lawyer, representing disabled policyholders and long-term care insureds. He is annually honored for his dedication to helping those unable to afford representation because he remembers his humble beginnings and tackles America’s most difficult cases.

About DarrasLaw

AT DarrasLaw, our attorneys are caring, competent and compassionate about righting insurance company wrongs.

As plaintiff’s lawyers working on a contingency fee basis, we get paid only if and when our clients get paid. That means that our dedication and allegiance is to our clients — not to prolonging or complicating the legal process. This solidarity we have with our clients distinguishes us among many other attorneys in the business. It gives us the fire and fight to protect and serve the interests of every policyholder, rich or poor.

We believe we have the hardest working and most talented staff in the profession — and with our track record, that’s one claim that is hard to deny.

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