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UnumProvident Multi-State Audio Call Accessible for the Next 30 Days

Frank Darras, the Nation’s leading disability litigator conducted an audio call yesterday and answered email questions he has received about the UnumProvident, Unum Life Insurance Co. of America, Paul Revere Life Insurance Co., Unum National Insurance Co., and Provident Life and Accident Insurance Co., Multi-State Settlement Agreement.

At 3:00 EST yesterday, policyholders listened to disability counsel Frank Darras answer a series of questions that UnumProvident claimants have asked regarding the Multi-State Settlement Agreement. You can listen to it too by simply dialing the toll-free number below and submitting the conference call code. There is approximately a four minute delay, so you can hit 9 and it will fast forward the recording in 30 second increments — do this six times and the call will begin immediately.

The number to call is 877-471-6581, simply follow the instructions and enter the access code 448587. A transcript of the call will be available in 48 hours and you can email transcripts@DarrasLaw.com to get your copy. The transcript will be a nice tool to use as a checklist if you are preparing to be a part of the reassessment process.

Overseas callers will need to call 402-970-2661 (not toll free) to listen to the call.
“UnumProvident claimants denied since 1997 were invited to email me their assessment questions,” Darras says. “The response was staggering so we chose to answer the most often asked questions in our conference call so everyone is clear about what they need to do and what lies ahead. In return, I will answer them individually or, based on the quantity and repetition of the questions, have another conference call to address everyone’s concerns. Hosting a conference call that provides hard answers to tough questions is a great forum to educate and alert these 3 policy holders of what lies ahead. I am doing all I can to be sure all 215,000 claimants know that we are here to help them get resolution and to rebuild their disabled lives.”

We will announce another conference call with more answers in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can email Frank Darras directly with additional questions about your claims to: answers@DarrasLaw.com. Please put your name, phone number and year of your claim in the Subject line. Here is an example: Subject: John Doe, 972-555-1212, 1997. Visit our web site at www.DarrasLaw.com or call us at 800-898-7299.

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