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Do You Have a UNUM Lawsuit?

unum lawsuitUNUM, a prominent player in the American insurance landscape, provides various services such as disability coverage, investment options, and dental and vision insurance.

Founded by Hugo Wesendonck in 1860, UNUM employs over 9,500 personnel and 2,700 agents operating in more than 70 offices across the country. Nevertheless, UNUM, like many large insurance companies, has faced controversy for prioritizing business interests over the well-being of policyholders. Our UNUM Lawsuit lawyers are here to equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to effectively navigate the complexities of UNUM Lawsuit cases.

Understanding UNUM’s Disability Insurance Policies

UNUM offers a range of insurance services, including long-term disability insurance. However, securing a successful claim can be a daunting task, with numerous challenges to overcome. UNUM has previously employed tactics to evade benefit payouts, including canceling entire categories of coverage to avoid the costs associated with annual treatments. This not only denied compensation to multiple claimants but also triggered legislative action, resulting in the enactment of “Ian’s Law,” which bolsters the protection of individuals with severe medical conditions.

Common Grounds for UNUM Denials

When filing a long-term disability claim with UNUM, it is crucial to meet the specific disability definition outlined in your policy. Failure to do so may lead to denial, accompanied by a detailed explanation via mail. UNUM assesses claims through various methods, including stringent policy criteria and invasive investigative measures like video surveillance.

Some of the most frequent reasons for denial include:

  • Insufficient evidence of disability: Claimants must furnish substantial proof of their condition that goes beyond medical records and diagnoses.
  • Biased evaluations by UNUM-contracted physicians: UNUM maintains the right to utilize their medical experts for assessments, which may exhibit bias favoring the company’s interests at times.
  • Missed deadlines: Adhering to deadlines is vital to avoid claim denial or the forfeiture of benefit rights.
  • Misrepresentation of disability: UNUM may employ video surveillance to identify discrepancies in the claimant’s reported disability, utilizing any inconsistencies as grounds for denial.
  • Transition from “own occupation” to “any occupation” policies: Demonstrating disability against all job categories can be challenging for claimants, especially following the initial payment period under the “own occupation” policy.

Navigating the UNUM Long-Term Disability Process

Initiating the process of obtaining long-term disability benefits from UNUM demands careful planning. Claimants should be prepared for rigorous scrutiny, with UNUM employing various strategies to identify legal bases for denial. During this phase, it is essential to provide robust medical evidence that not only validates the existence of the disability but also illustrates its impact on the claimant’s capacity to perform job-related tasks.

UNUM may request duplicate documents or assert non-receipt of records to obstruct the claims process. To counter these tactics, claimants must maintain comprehensive documentation, offering a clear and honest portrayal of their condition and its implications on their daily life and employment capabilities.

Commencing a Lawsuit Against UNUM

If your claim with UNUM is denied, it is vital not to lose hope. The initial step is to meticulously analyze the denial letter to discern the grounds for rejection, enabling you to gather the evidence needed to construct a robust case. This process can be undertaken individually or with the guidance of a long-term disability attorney experienced in UNUM lawsuits. These professionals can assist in strengthening your case and potentially preventing another denial.

Navigating a UNUM Lawsuit may present challenges, but with the right strategy and resources, you can enhance your prospects of securing the benefits to which you are entitled. Remember that the journey may be demanding, but with determination and the proper guidance, a favorable outcome is attainable.

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