Long-Term Disability For Maternity Leave

Deciding how much leave to take after the birth of a child is part of pregnancy for working women. Benefits such as paid time off, maternity leave, and disability are a crucial part of the parental leave equation.

It is common for a combination of vacation time, company-paid parental leave, and short-term disability benefits to cover a six to twelve-week maternity leave.

While not as commonly known by expecting mothers, long-term disability can also play a role in reducing the costs of pregnancy and birth-related time off.

Is Long-Term Disability Right For Your Leave?

If you have long-term disability coverage through your employer or a private policy, it may cover benefits such as:

  • Bed rest during pregnancy
  • Maternity leave after childbirth
  • Leave as a result of postpartum disorders

Beware The Elimination Period

One potential drawback to using long-term disability benefits for maternity leave is the policy’s elimination period. This is the length of time you must wait before you can receive claim payments. Choosing a longer elimination period is a common way that consumers and employers keep long-term disability premiums affordable.

If your policy has an extended waiting period you must be prepared to go without income in the meantime.


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