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When a disability insurance policy refers to any occupation, it means that the policy defines a disability as one that prevents the policyholder from working in any occupation, not just his or her own occupation. Gainful occupation or any gainful occupation is often used to mean the same thing as any occupation in insurance policy small print.

Do you know whether you have any occupation disability insurance or own occupation disability insurance? We can tell you. At DarrasLaw, America’s top disability firm, our lawyers offer a free policy analysis. We will tell you exactly how your policy defines disability and what that means to you in your current situation.

When Own Occupation Shifts to Any Occupation

Many policies define disability as inability to perform your own occupation, at least at the outset. After a period of time, anywhere between 24 months and 10 years, the definition shifts. What began as an own occupation disability insurance policy may essentially become an any occupation disability insurance policy.

It is at this shift where problems often arise. Many people are granted benefits initially, only to have benefits cut off when the definition shifts from own occupation to any occupation. The insurance company believes you can simply jump into some new line of work. That might not be the case. Whether you have experienced this problem or you are at the beginning stages of your case trying to understand what all the terminology means, we can help. Our disability attorneys bring more than 100 years of experience to these complex cases.

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