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Denied Long-Term Disability Claims

For many people throughout the United States, a paycheck is only one of the reasons for going to work every day. For many people, benefits offered through their employer are also extremely important. One of those benefits is group long-term disability insurance.

When you purchased group long-term disability insurance through your employer, the expectation was that the insurance company would provide benefits if the need ever arose. Now that the need has arisen, you are surprised that the insurance company has denied your claim, even though your claim is perfectly valid.

At DarrasLaw, America’s top disability firm, we are never surprised by insurance company denials. We understand that insurance companies are big businesses that got big not by handing money out to policyholders, but by keeping it for themselves. We force them to do what they are required to do under ERISA law. Our lawyers have recovered nearly $1 Billion in wrongfully denied insurance benefits.

Why Was Your Group Long-Term Disability Claim Denied?

Insurance companies look for every opportunity to deny claims. On an almost daily basis, they come up with new methods. Thankfully, we spend every day handling claim denials throughout the United States, meaning we have the opportunity to spot new methods for denial as they are developed and immediately come up with ways of combating them.

We will review your claim to determine why it was denied. Was your paperwork incomplete? Did medical documentation not adequately explain the disability and why it prevents you from working? These are common reasons for insurance company denials.

For examples and more information about denial letters, visit our ERISA Disability Claim Denial Letter page.

Your road does not end here. If your claim has been denied, there is anERISA long-term disability appeals process. We are experts at navigating this road and helping people like you get benefits as quickly as possible.

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