Attending Physician's Statement

The attending physician’s statement (APS) is one of many methods insurance companies use to determine whether you are disabled or not. On the surface, it seems fair: The APS is prepared by the doctor who is treating you. It often is very thorough, containing extensive information about your medical history and how your disabling condition came to be. Unfortunately, insurance companies often manipulate information from your doctor in a way that works in their favor and leads to your benefits being cut off.

How Insurance Companies Manipulate the APS

Does your doctor truly understand the work you do? It is possible, but in reality, your doctor’s job is to treat your medical condition. Your doctor is not charting your medical information for litigation. He or she is jotting down what was important so there is an accurate history. How much bending, lifting, pushing and pulling you do during the day or how long you stand, walk and sit are not things you generally go over with your doctor — but you should. Your insurance company will be asking questions about these issues.

Does your doctor know how the insurance company defines disability? He or she may have a general idea, but because every insurance company, every policy, can have a different definition, this is not something your doctor can possibly know for certain. Again, that will not stop the insurance company from asking questions about whether you are disabled or not.

At DarrasLaw, America’s top disability firm, our lawyers understand the tactics insurance companies use to manipulate the attending physician’s statement. With more than 100 years of experience, we know how to overcome these tactics.

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