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Field Visits & Interviews

Have you been contacted by the insurance company for a telephone or in-person interview? Has a representative from the insurance company shown up at your door unannounced? Be aware that the questions you are asked in an interview or during a field visit are designed to gather information that may be used to cut off your benefits.

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If you have an interview scheduled with your insurance company, we encourage you to contact us so we can review your rights and offer guidance about how to approach the interview. We will review your policy to determine whether you can have a lawyer present. If so, we will attend the interview. If not, we will educate you about the questions you will be asked and the most effective way to answer them so that the information you provide cannot be misconstrued by the insurance company to deny your benefits.

If a representative from the insurance company has shown up unannounced, you may consider declining to answer questions for the time being so you can contact us. If the representative insists, try to have someone else present as a witness and record the field visit if possible. Be aware that you have been caught off guard for a reason. You may be presented with information, possibly obtained through surveillance videos and investigations, that you will be asked to explain. The events or actions you are being asked to explain may be perfectly harmless, but the answers you provide may be used against you, so answer with care.

We are America’s top disability firm for a reason. Our attorneys bring more than 100 years of experience to these matters. We know all of the tactics insurance companies use to cut off the benefits of disabled people, including field visits and interviews. We know how to deal with those tactics so you can continue to get the benefits you need.

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