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Joe Theismann’s career ended in front of a national audience when his leg was snapped on Monday Night Football. Michael Irvin was carted off with a neck injury and never played again. Troy Aikman’s 10th concussion finally sidelined him for good.

All three players had illustrious runs in the NFL, won Super Bowls and went on to careers in broadcasting. Yet they could have played longer if not for their disabling injuries. Aikman was just 34 years old and due for a $70 million, seven-year contract extension before the string of concussions. Instead he was placed on waivers and reluctantly announced his retirement.

Experience With NFL Disability Insurance Claims

From violent collisions on Game Day to off-the-field illness or injury, professional football players never know when their career might end. NFL players who make the opening day roster last an average of six years in the league — but there is no guarantee.

DarrasLaw helps NFL members and college draft picks negotiate and enforce disability insurance coverage to capture those projected earnings in the event their pro careers are cut unnaturally short. Founding attorney Frank Darras has successfully represented National Football League players and teams whose disability claims were denied or disputed.

Disabled players who played at least three seasons in the league are fully vested in the NFL’s retirement plan. However, the maximum pension benefit pales to even the minimum rookie salary. For the solid veterans and bona fide stars, premature retirement means forfeiting many millions of dollars. The legal team at DarrasLaw advocates for football players who are privately insured for disability to ensure they are fairly compensated for projected salary, signing bonuses and LBTE (likely to be earned) incentives had they stayed healthy.

Protecting the Future You Have Worked So Hard to Achieve

Our clients include NFL players, college players who have been drafted or are expected to be high draft picks, and NFL teams protecting their investment in blue chip players and recruits. We know that consistent contributors can expect to play for a long time. The average career for a first-round pick is nine years, and for players with at least one Pro Bowl the average is 12 years.

DarrasLaw is the top disability law firm in the United States and regularly represents professional athletes in many sports. We have extensive national experience with high-end individual disability insurance policies, including temporary total disability, permanent total disability, contract completion and stop-loss policies. Our trial lawyers have a reputation for being tough but fair, which has earned us the respect of insurance companies and defense counsel in negotiating for a fair and timely settlement.

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