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Say what you will about the acting and the outcome — the injuries are real. From high-flying antics and body slams to the turnbuckle and folding chairs, bones and joints can only take so much abuse. Something snaps or pops. Or the stunt goes wrong. Sometimes professional wrestlers absorb the blows in the ring but succumb to sickness or accidents in their private lives.

DarrasLaw represents professional wrestlers in disputes with insurers over private disability claims. Because of our reputation as the go-to firm for high-end disability insurance litigation, we have extensive experience with professional athlete cases throughout the United States.

Professional Wrestling Disability Insurance Claims

Pro wrestlers often work for a decade or more, and the mid-carders and superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) can make a good living. But wrestlers are generally independent contractors, responsible for everything from their own medical coverage to their own travel costs.

For those who manage to make good money from events, merchandising and endorsements, a long-term or debilitating injury can bring it all to a grinding halt. Some high-earning wrestlers and promoters purchase individual disability insurance policies to protect that revenue in the event of a career-ending disability.

The insurance companies are the heel in this scenario. They take advantage of wrestlers and other athletes through claim denials and slow-pay tactics, or by manipulating claimants into accepting a settlement for far less than the policy limits.

Recovering the Compensation That Clients Deserve

Founding partner Frank Darras has an unmatched nationwide reputation in disability insurance litigation. He is familiar with the insurance companies most notorious for denying or lowballing claims. Darras and his legal team are prepared to go to trial, and that courtroom reputation commonly brings the defense to the negotiating table.

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