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NHL Disability Lawyers

Hockey is a game of close combat and finesse. The same can be said of high-stakes disability insurance litigation. DarrasLaw is recognized as the premier disability insurance law firm in the United States because of our record of favorable client outcomes in complex cases.

We represent National Hockey League players and draft picks who are trying to collect on private disability insurance policies after a career-ending injury or sickness. We also represent NHL teams that have taken out policies on their marquee players. Our firm allows clients to stand up to major insurers to protect their financial future.

NHL Disability Insurance Claims

Perhaps it was a vicious hit on the ice. Perhaps it was an accident or medical condition completely unrelated to hockey. Either way, a lasting disability can equate to many millions of dollars in projected salary if it ends a player’s season or career.

Because of the high rate of concussions and other injuries, elite NHL players purchase individual disability insurance policies to replace lost income in that worst-case scenario. However, insurance companies build ambiguity into these policies and always seem to interpret the language to the player’s detriment.

Founding attorney Frank Darras knows how to fight insurance company tactics and hold them to a good faith settlement of legitimate claims. When insurers dig in their heels, our top insurance lawyers are fully prepared to go to court to get justice for professional athletes and their families.

Skilled and Aggressive Advocacy for NHL Players and Teams

The great Bobby Orr had an indelible impact on the game, but injuries and a dozen knee surgeries ended his playing days at age 31. Although Steve Moore later recovered from a broken neck suffered in a premeditated hit from behind, he never played hockey again. Keith Premieu, Eric Lindross and countless other star players had promising careers cut short by concussions.

An NHL pension is a nice safety net but no substitute for a lucrative contract. Hockey players who sign on with a major league team have a window of five to 15 years to capitalize on their talents, knowing that every time they skate it could be their last. In the event of an early retirement due to disability, they deserve to be compensated for putting their bodies and future health on the line.

Call our NHL disability attorneys at 800-898-7299 or send us an email. Our nationally renowned firm offers free consultations on NHL long-term disability claims, as well as free policy analysis.

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