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NBA Disability Lawyers

Brandon Roy was Rookie of the Year but was out of basketball after only five seasons because of a degenerative knee condition. Rookie phenom Yao Ming was a perennial All-Star, but chronic foot and ankle injuries forced him to miss hundreds of games (and one full season) and call it quits after just eight years. Although four-time Defensive Player of the Year Dikembe Mutombo had a long career, a knee injury sidelined him in the playoffs and forced his retirement.

In another line of work, these injuries would not be considered permanently disabling. In the NBA, healthy legs are literally worth their weight in gold. While the average NBA career for all drafted players is less than five years, high draft picks and players who prove themselves commonly last 10 to 15 years in the league.

NBA Disability Insurance Claims

Despite big salaries while they are playing, it is estimated that more than half of NBA players are broke within five years of retirement. The figure is surely higher for players whose careers ended abruptly due to injury or sickness.

That’s what disability insurance is for and that’s where DarrasLaw comes in. Founding attorney Frank Darras represents elite NBA (and WNBA) players, draft picks and team owners in disputes with disability insurance underwriters. Our seasoned lawyers also help clients negotiate the terms of individual disability insurance policies on the front end.

As the top disability law firm in the country, DarrasLaw has the proven track record and the war chest to take on the biggest insurance companies. We have litigated high-stakes sports disability claims worth tens of millions of dollars, but we do not simply file lawsuits and see which one stick. We have a reputation in the insurance industry as collaborators who can resolve legitimate claim disputes and negotiate favorable settlements for our clients.

Recovering Compensation for a Career Cut Short

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