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Ernie Irvin returned to racing after a near-fatal crash at Michigan Speedway but walked away from the sport after a second brain injury. Jerry Nadeau suffered career-ending injuries to his spine, lung and ribs at Richmond International Raceway. Dale Earnhardt Jr. suffered a serious concussion in a California Speedway crash just one year after his father was killed at Daytona.

There’s only so much you can do to make 200 mph “safe,” but NASCAR has made great progress in reducing injuries and deaths through advances such as restrictor plates, SAFER barriers and HANS restraints. Unfortunately, NASCAR has made no progress in protecting the careers and financial futures of drivers.

Unlike other professional sports, NASCAR has no driver’s union and no pension plan. The association does provide medical coverage, but professional stock car drivers are responsible for their own life insurance, retirement plans and disability coverage.

NASCAR Disability Insurance Claims

DarrasLaw represents top NASCAR drivers who earn millions of dollars through race winnings, sponsorships and endorsements. Individual disability insurance policies can pay a substantial portion of a driver’s salary if he or she is temporarily disabled or replace some of those projected earnings if that driver cannot return to the track because of a permanent injury or medical condition. The disabling condition might be broken bones, nerve damage, impaired vision or post-concussion symptoms from a crash, or it might be a serious ailment or accident unrelated to racing.

Virtually every professional athlete who purchases these high-priced disability policies encounters resistance from the insurance companies. Founding partner Frank Darras is the top-rated disability attorney in America and has extensive experience litigating high-end insurance disputes. He and his legal team will skillfully and vigorously advocate for you if your claim for temporary total disability or permanent total disability has been denied, delayed or lowballed by the insurer.

Recovering Compensation for Career-Ending Conditions

We have gone to battle against every major insurance company on behalf of our clients, and we have an unmatched reputation for favorable results even in the most complex and high-stakes disputes, such as multimillion NASCAR driver claims.

Call our NASCAR disability attorneys at 800-898-7299 or send us an email. Our nationally renowned trial lawyers offer free consultations to analyze policies or address NASCAR long-term disability claims.

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