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Unlike signing bonuses and contract extensions in other major sports, professional tennis players are on their own. A top 100 ranking or last year’s tournament performance doesn’t pay the bills. To make money, you have to keep winning, and to win you have to stay healthy.

If it all comes to a halt because of injury or disabling medical condition, are you protected? Even pro tennis players who can afford top tier disability policies run into roadblocks when they try to collect. Insurers intentionally make these contracts as ambiguous as possible to stall and stymie legitimate claims. In professional sports, individual disability policies are even more complex.

USTA Disability Insurance Claims

DarrasLaw is the premier disability law firm in the United States. We have prevailed on behalf of professional athletes in many sports, including male and female tennis players on the USTA Pro Circuit.

While tennis has no guaranteed salaries, the payoff is substantial for elite players. In 2011, there were 16 women on the WTA circuit and 25 men on the ATP circuit who earned at least $1 million in tour winnings, which does not include money from endorsements, sponsored appearances and other sources. Private policies for individual disability insurance allow those players to lock in a portion of projected earnings in the event that they are forced out of the sport because of a season-ending or career-killing injury or sickness.

Our nationally renowned lawyers can advise clients on the purchase of temporary total disability and permanent total disability policies or offer a free analysis of an existing policy. If the unspeakable happens and the policy must be used, we are there for our clients to advocate aggressively and effectively.

Recovering Compensation for a Career Cut Short

We welcome ranked tennis players nationwide and worldwide who have a vested interest in protecting their future tour winnings. For a free consultation about USTA long-term disability claims, call our USTA disability attorneys at 800-898-7299 or send us an email.

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