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Unum disability lawyerA disability insurance agreement is essentially a pact between two entities—the policyholder and the insurance provider—establishing obligations and entitlements for both parties. Fundamentally, the agreement necessitates that the policyholder remits a monthly fee. Should the policyholder face an unforeseen disability, the insurance company must extend disability benefits. If policyholders have faithfully paid their premiums, it is expected that in their hour of need, they will be supported by their insurer. After all, isn’t it fair to expect your insurer to fulfill their part of the agreement if you’ve adhered to yours? If you’re struggling to secure your rightfully owed benefits, reach out to our Arizona Unum disability lawyer to initiate a consultation immediately.

Unum Disability Insurance Services

Unum, formerly recognized as UnumProvident, encompasses Provident Life and Accidental Insurance Company along with The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, positioning itself as a foremost provider of disability insurance in the United States and the United Kingdom. Boasting annual revenues surpassing $10 billion in recent years, Unum delivers individual and group disability insurance solutions to several hundred thousand policyholders across the U.S., offering a financial safety net in the event of unforeseen illnesses or injuries.

Unum provides a variety of insurance plans designed to support individuals and businesses in maintaining their financial stability should health-related setbacks impede their ability to work. These offerings range from short to long-term disability coverages. They are made to suit the unique needs of both individuals and corporate clients. Despite all of the similarities across disability insurance policies, the specific provisions and coverage details can be meticulously customized to address the particular concerns of different policyholders. This is why we find it crucial for individuals facing issues with Unum claim rejections to consult with a specialized Arizona Unum Disability Lawyer to navigate the complexities of their insurance coverage and rights.

Key Points to Consider in the Unum Disability Claims Process

Understand Your Policy

  • Before initiating a claim, thoroughly review your Unum disability insurance policy. Understand the coverage, including what constitutes a disability under your plan.
    • Example: If your policy covers “own occupation” disability, gather evidence showing how your specific condition prevents you from performing your job.

Gather Comprehensive Medical Documentation

  • Compile all medical records, doctor’s notes, and diagnostic tests that substantiate your disability.
    • Example: If you’re claiming for a chronic back condition, include MRI reports, physician evaluations, and a list of treatments attempted.

Meet All Deadlines

  • Pay close attention to the deadlines for submitting your disability claim. Late submissions can be grounds for denial.
    • Example: Mark your calendar with the claim submission deadline immediately after your diagnosis to ensure timely filing.

Complete All Required Forms Accurately

  • Fill out all the necessary claim forms provided by Unum with detailed and accurate information about your condition and its impact on your ability to work.
    • Example: When detailing your job duties on the claim form, be precise about the physical or cognitive demands of your work that you can no longer meet due to your condition.

Consult with an Arizona Unum Disability Claim Denial Lawyer

  • An experienced lawyer can guide you through the claim process, help you avoid common pitfalls, and represent you in case of a denial.
    • Example: If your initial claim is denied, a lawyer can help you prepare a comprehensive appeal that includes additional medical evidence and expert testimonials.

Keep Detailed Records

  • Maintain a file with all correspondence, claim forms submitted, and records of phone conversations with Unum or your lawyer.
    • Example: Keep a log of dates, times, and summaries of conversations with your insurance adjuster or any representatives from Unum.

Be Prepared for an Appeal

  • Understand that claims can be denied for various reasons. Be ready to appeal with the assistance of your lawyer.
    • Example: If your claim is denied due to “insufficient medical evidence,” work with your doctor to provide a more detailed report and consider undergoing additional tests recommended by your lawyer.

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