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Maryland UNUM disability attorneysA disability insurance agreement is essentially a pact between two parties—the policyholder and the insurance company—establishing responsibilities and benefits for both. Essentially, the contract requires that the policyholder pays a monthly fee. In the event the policyholder suffers an unexpected disability, the insurance company is obligated to provide disability benefits. If premiums have been consistently paid, policyholders expect to be supported by their insurer in their time of need. After all, isn’t it reasonable to expect your insurer to uphold their end of the deal if you have fulfilled yours? If you’re having trouble obtaining the benefits you deserve, contact our Maryland Unum Disability Lawyer to arrange a consultation immediately.

Unum Disability Insurance Services

Unum, formerly known as UnumProvident, includes Provident Life and Accidental Insurance Company along with The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, making it a leading provider of disability insurance both in the United States and the United Kingdom. With annual revenues exceeding $10 billion recently, Unum offers individual and group disability insurance solutions to hundreds of thousands of policyholders across the U.S., providing a financial safety net in case of unexpected health setbacks.

Unum offers a range of insurance plans aimed at helping individuals and businesses maintain financial stability when health issues affect their ability to work. These plans, which include both short and long-term disability coverages, are tailored to meet the specific needs of both individual clients and companies. Despite the similarities in disability insurance policies, the specific terms and coverage details can be carefully tailored to address the unique concerns of different policyholders. This is why it’s crucial for individuals dealing with Unum claim rejections to consult with a specialized Maryland Unum Disability Lawyer to understand their insurance coverage and rights fully.

Key Points to Consider in the Unum Disability Claims Process

Understand Your Policy

Before filing a claim, ensure you thoroughly understand your Unum disability insurance policy, especially what is recognized as a disability under your plan.

  • Example: If your policy includes “own occupation” disability, provide evidence that demonstrates how your particular condition prevents you from performing your job.

Gather Comprehensive Medical Documentation

Collect all medical records, doctor’s notes, and diagnostic tests that prove your disability.

  • Example: For a chronic back issue, include MRI reports, physician assessments, and a list of attempted treatments.

Meet All Deadlines

Be vigilant about the deadlines for filing your disability claim. Missing these can result in a claim denial.

  • Example: Immediately after receiving your diagnosis, mark the claim submission deadline on your calendar to ensure you file on time.

Complete All Required Forms Accurately

Accurately fill out all necessary claim forms from Unum, detailing your condition and its impact on your work capabilities.

  • Example: Be specific when describing the physical or cognitive demands of your job that are impacted by your condition.

Consult with a Maryland Unum Disability Claim Denial Lawyer

A seasoned lawyer can navigate you through the claim process, help you sidestep common mistakes, and advocate for you if your claim is denied.

  • Example: If your initial claim is rejected, a lawyer can assist you in preparing a detailed appeal that includes additional medical documentation and expert opinions.

Keep Detailed Records

Keep a file of all correspondence, submitted claim forms, and records of discussions with Unum or your lawyer.

  • Example: Maintain a log of dates, times, and summaries of conversations with your insurance adjuster or any Unum representatives.

Be Prepared for an Appeal

Be aware that claims can be denied for various reasons. Prepare to appeal with the support of your Maryland Unum Disability Lawyer.

  • Example: If your claim is denied due to “insufficient medical evidence,” collaborate with your doctor to provide a more detailed report and consider additional tests recommended by your lawyer.

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