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Unum disability lawyerA disability insurance policy is a deal between you and the insurance company. It means you pay them a little every month, and they promise to support you financially if you ever find yourself unable to work due to a disability. It’s a fair expectation to have that the insurance company will have your back, considering you’ve been holding up your end of the deal by paying your premiums. If you’re hitting roadblocks in getting the support you were promised, our team is here for you. Our Tennessee Unum disability lawyer can guide you through the process to ensure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to.

Seeking Experienced Legal Guidance

We understand how frustrating it can be when it feels like you’re being left out to dry at a time when you need the most support. That’s why at DarrasLaw, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people just like you.

Whether it’s Unum or another insurance company giving you the runaround, our compassionate team of Tennessee Unum disability lawyers is ready to fight for your rights. We offer free consultations to give you a clear understanding of your policy and assist with your claim, so you’re not going through this alone. If you’ve been unfairly denied, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why Does Unum Deny Disability Insurance Claims?

While it’s true that some people might not fully meet their policy’s criteria, there are countless instances where Unum has unfairly turned down claims from those who rightfully deserve their disability benefits. Unum often gives reasons like:

  • Your Condition Doesn’t Qualify: Unum doesn’t stick to a one-size-fits-all definition of disability, choosing instead to pick apart each claim based on the unique definitions within the claimant’s policy. This means Unum might argue your disability isn’t “disabling enough” according to their standards. They might say your condition doesn’t impact your earnings significantly, or despite your challenges, you could work in a different job. They might even claim your situation isn’t serious enough to stop you from doing your job.
  • Questioning the Severity: Unum’s team might conclude that your situation doesn’t meet the disability definition under your plan. By downplaying how serious your illness or injury is, or the impact it has on your life, Unum tries to find a way to deny your claim.
  • Exclusions in Coverage: Sometimes, Unum’s policies might explicitly leave out conditions that are generally considered disabling. The company could deny your claim based on reasons like:
    • Misinformation on your disability application
    • A pre-existing condition before your coverage started
    • Self-inflicted injuries
    • Disabilities occurring while in jail
    • Disabilities from committing a crime
    • Injuries from wars or riots
    • Loss of professional licenses
    • Work-related injuries covered by other plans

Unum digs deep into the details of your disability to find any possible reason to exclude you from coverage. In some cases, they might even twist your words, medical records, or other evidence to reject your claim, leaving you without the support you were counting on.

These tactics can feel like a betrayal, especially when you’re at your most vulnerable. It’s a reminder that while you see your insurance as a safety net, for them, it’s about the bottom line. This can be deeply frustrating and disheartening, but remember, it’s not the end of the road. There are steps you can take and resources available to challenge unfair denials and fight for the benefits you deserve.

Reassurance Through Our Tennessee UNUM Disability Lawyer

Choosing DarrasLaw means opting for a partner who stands firmly by your side, ready to navigate the complexities of your Unum disability claim. We believe in justice, fairness, and the right to the benefits you’ve been promised. Let us be your advocate, your guide, and your voice in this fight. Contact DarrasLaw today and take the first step towards reclaiming your peace of mind and securing the benefits you rightfully deserve.

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