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UNUM Wisconsin disability lawyersHaving a disability insurance policy establishes an agreement between you and your insurer. You commit to paying a monthly premium, and in return, they agree to provide financial support if a disability prevents you from working. It’s reasonable to expect your insurance company to honor this commitment, especially when you’ve consistently paid your premiums. If you’re encountering obstacles in accessing the promised benefits, our team is ready to assist. Our Wisconsin Unum disability lawyer will help navigate the claims process to ensure you get the benefits you deserve.

Seeking Skilled Legal Advice

The frustration of feeling abandoned when you need support the most can be overwhelming. That’s why at DarrasLaw, our mission is to support individuals like you.

No matter if it’s Unum or another insurer making things difficult, our empathetic team of Wisconsin Unum disability lawyers is prepared to defend your rights. We provide free initial consultations to clarify your policy details and help with your claim, ensuring you don’t have to face this challenge alone. If your claim has been unjustly denied, we encourage you to reach out.

Why Does Unum Deny Disability Insurance Claims?

It’s a fact that some claimants might not meet the exact criteria of their policy. However, Unum often unjustly rejects claims from those who are genuinely entitled to disability benefits. Common reasons Unum might deny a claim include:

Your Condition Does Not Meet Their Criteria: Unum does not apply a uniform definition of disability, instead, it scrutinizes each claim based on the specific terms of the claimant’s policy. They may argue that your disability does not severely affect your ability to earn or that, despite your condition, you could work in another role. They might also assert that your condition is not severe enough to prevent you from performing your job duties.

Challenging the Severity: Unum may determine that your condition does not align with the definition of disability in your policy. By minimizing the seriousness of your condition and its impact on your life, Unum seeks ways to deny your claim.

Exclusions in Your Coverage: Unum’s policies may exclude conditions typically regarded as disabling. They might deny your claim for reasons such as:

  • Incorrect information on your disability application
  • A pre-existing condition that existed before your coverage began
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Disabilities that occur while incarcerated
  • Disabilities arising from criminal activities
  • Injuries during wars or riots
  • Loss of professional licenses
  • Work-related injuries covered by other insurance

Unum meticulously examines each aspect of your disability claim to find any potential exclusion. Sometimes, they might manipulate your statements, medical records, or other evidence to refuse your claim, leaving you without the support you expected.

These tactics can feel like a betrayal at a time when you are most vulnerable. It’s important to remember that while you view your insurance as a safety net, for them, it’s primarily a business decision. This realization can be both upsetting and disheartening. However, you have options and resources to contest unjust denials and advocate for your rights.

Support from Our Wisconsin UNUM Disability Lawyer

Choosing DarrasLaw means selecting a partner who will stand with you, ready to tackle the complexities of your Unum disability claim. We are committed to justice, equity, and securing the benefits you were promised. Let us represent you, guide you, and speak on your behalf in this battle. Contact DarrasLaw today to begin the process of securing your peace of mind and the benefits you rightfully deserve.

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