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Insurance and the NFL Draft – Pro Football’s Big Problem

Should a player declare his eligibility for the NFL draft? What are the pros and cons of returning to school to get his degree and finish his collegiate football career?

Disability insurance and loss-of-value insurance are incredibly important for players considered to be NFL prospects. Potential first-round draft picks potentially have 10s of millions of dollars on the line, all riding on their health and ongoing performance.

In this interview, Frank Darras, America’s Top Disability Lawyer, discusses issues concerning players in the NFL draft. Gary Pozsik of Health, Wealth and Happiness leads today’s discussion.

Quote from the Show:

“The difference between the 5th overall pick last year [2013] and the 26st overall pick was $10 million.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • The details of the NFL draft process
  • Declaring for the NFL Draft vs. returning to college for another year
  • The many uncertainties for players concerning the NFL draft
  • NFL contracts are extremely complicated, even to attorneys and agents
  • Loss-in-value insurance for players
  • Disability insurance for blue-chip college stars and NFL players
  • Why is it so hard to collect on a policy for “permanent, career-ending injuries”?

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