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Group disability insurance can provide secure income

Group disability insurance can provide secure income

Unexpected events may prevent a person from being able to work due to an illness or a disabling injury. It is often an emotional challenge and can quickly create financial distress. However, group disability insurance is one option that offers a secure income to a disabled worker.

A group typically includes employees who are working for a single employer. The group disability insurance policies that employers offer follow rules that are very different from those governing individual policies. However, not all policies designed for groups are made available through employers.

Some group policies are offered to members of an organization by the organization itself. In addition, professionals who are self-employed might choose to form their own group so that they can have access to disability insurance. However, this option may not be available in all fields of self-employment.

An attorney in the state of California can provide a disability insurance policy analysis for you to see if you have either group disability insurance or individual disability insurance. You might actually have both types, as in many cases, individual insurance policies are purchased to supplement group policies. If you need to file a claim due to an incapacitating injury or sickness, the attorney can then walk you through the claims process. The attorney can also manage many claims at the same time with multiple insurance policies as necessary so that you obtain the full amount of benefits to which you are entitled. This is possible even if the policies have been administered by different insurance companies.

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