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Why ‘Generation Y’ might want to pay for disability insurance

Posted October 22, 2012

Paying for disability insurance is likely close to the bottom of the list for young professionals these days. It is hard enough to find a job that pays enough to support oneself, a family and to pay back the student debt that so many young workers and families owe. Why would paying for disability insurance […]

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In disability claim cases, even knowing who to sue can be tough

Posted October 18, 2012

Because of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) employees who suffer a significant injury or illness have the right to request short term disability from work in order to secure their job in the future. However, the FMLA and other disability policies are not always clear to employees, and that confusion can lead to problems. […]

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Minor stroke can have major effect on working condition

Posted October 10, 2012

There isn’t just one level of a stroke. Many people likely know someone who has suffered from a stroke and, therefore, understand how the medical event can change a person. Very serious strokes can be fatal. When they are not, they often leave a person unable to speak, with some sort of paralysis, memory loss […]

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Emergency Care Lacking for Immigrants under Affordable Healthcare Act

Posted October 6, 2012

As mandated by federal law, hospital emergency rooms are required to evaluate and stabilize any patient that enters their waiting rooms, even if they have no way to pay for those procedures. However, the presidential healthcare overhaul known as the Affordable Care Act has stuck a blow to undocumented immigrants who once relied on the […]

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Racecar Driver Avoids Injury in Failed Attempt at Championship Win

Posted September 25, 2012

Racecar driver Will Power recently failed a third attempt at a championship win. Just 55 laps into the IndyCar race, he lost control of his vehicle when it hit a seam in the lower side of the track; he was at the lower, inside part of the track because he had problems with a mechanical […]

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Injured Professional Athletes Returning to Play Too Soon

Posted September 20, 2012

When professional athletes are injured, whether during a game or practice session, there is a lot of pressure to return to the game quickly. Lost playing time means lost money and possible wins. Healing after a disabling injury can take a lot of time, more time than many pro ball players are able or willing […]

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NFL Provides $30 Million for Concussion and Brain Trauma Research

Posted September 14, 2012

Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries have been getting a lot of press in the past few years. Medical research has shown that athletes of all ages are suffering from concussions at a higher rate than previously thought. Researchers recently announced that studies show that National Football League (NFL) players are at a greatly increased […]

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Posted September 7, 2012

For decades, a large portion of our nation’s total cost of healthcare is attributed to the cost of providing emergency care to patients who lack insurance or another means to pay. For 25 years, any hospital receiving Medicare funds has been required by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act to provide at least a […]

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Making Sure Your Auto Insurance Policy Provides Adequate Coverage

Posted August 31, 2012

A story about a family’s fight against a major insurance company recently went viral, exposing what happens when someone does not have enough auto insurance coverage in an accident. A young woman was killed in a collision, with the other driver clearly at fault. The offending driver’s insurance company failed to pay the full amount […]

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Brother Chronicles His Nightmare Experience With Insurance Company

Posted August 24, 2012

A man whose sister died in a car accident chronicled his family’s prolonged suffering at the hands of an insurance company with a recent blog post. His story reveals the misery inflicted on him and his family by their own insurance company’s actions, a situation known in legal circles as a “bad faith” action, requiring the […]

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